So you’ve made the commitment to come to the Winter Mini-Fest: bought tickets online, got a pocket-full of cash to buy your Fringe Button, food, drinks, and merch. You’re about to jump in the car when you slap your forehead and think, “Dohh! Where are the venues, where do I park, how do I find food, and how do I find beer?” — Well, you have come to right page!

First up, here’s a handy layout of of things at Fringe central (Loch Haven Park area), so you can see where the specific venues are located this year and plan your attack. You can also get an idea of parking locations. BTW, we’re always working to try to arrange more parking, so as the festival gets closer, check back, as we may have some additional parking available.

The Orlando Fringe Winter Mini-Fest is located inside of the Lowndes Shakespeare Center, located inside of the Loch Haven Park area, just north of downtown Orlando.

 (Click on the map for a larger version)

Getting to Loch Haven Park

 – From I-4

3/4 of a mile east on Princeton Street (Exit 85), across Orange Avenue, past the Orlando Science Center (entrance on the left)

 – Using City Streets

The park is at the confluence of Princeton St., Mills Ave., and Rollins St. There is an entrance on both Rollins and Princeton.

The ticketed venues inside Lowndes Shakespeare Center (812 East Rollins St., 32803 ) are identified by colors;  Blue,  Pink, and Purple 

Parking Areas

As all the Fringe veterans know (and first-timers will learn quickly), everyone’s biggest challenge at the Fringe is parking! The first rule of Fringing: LEAVE PLENTY OF TIME FOR PARKING. We are getting bigger, but the parking lots haven’t. That means you may have to park further away, and perhaps pay for parking. It could take a while to get to your show, and ALL SHOWS START ON TIME with NO LATE ENTRY.