For all you first-timers (or as a reminder to you Fringe veterans), here a few tips on having a smooth Winter Mini-Fest experience.

LINES ARE LOVE They’re a linear pre-show party. Mingle. Chill. Meet people. Talk about the shows. Let an artist chat you up.


GO GREEN Go Green! Be faithful to a single Fringe program. Recycle your Fringe program or download the Fringe Phone App. Show programs and flyers- we’ll reuse them. Buy a reusable water bottle. Recycle your beer and wine cups. Walk, bike, take the Lynx or SunRail to Fringe.


GO BEHIND THE SCENES Subscribe to Orlando Fringe’s FringeLetter at  We are very social here at Fringe so click on any or all of the social channels at the very top of this page and be a follower! It’s cool!


GET YOUR BUTTONUnless you are under 13, you must have one to enter any venue or we’ll make you buy another. Then you’ll have two. You can bring a friend!


BEING ON TIME IS COOL 10 minutes before show time, very cool. Showing up late is not cool. We will not let you in. You will be mad. Not cool!


PLAN FOR PARKING Plan for Parking. There are about 500 free parking spaces located in and around Loch Haven Park. There are several on-street spots around the Festival, too. Get here early and stay late for the best parking. Can’t find a spot? They the Science Center Garage, across the street on Princeton — they might charge you a couple bucks but at least you are here Fringing! On weeknights and weekends, there are lots of free spaces in the Mills50 area and only a short walk to the Festival. Riding your bike is even better!


READ THE ADS You hold the free program in your hands because businesses, artists, sponsors, and patrons like you love the Fringe and buy ads or make donations. Visit them. Thank them!


EXPRESS YOURSELF Take the Audience Survey. Add your reviews online. Or tell that Fringe-buttoned hottie over there what show you’re going to next!


CHECK REVIEWS BUT DECIDE FOR YOURSELF During the 2017 Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival there were some busy bees at Orlando’s newspapers reviewing the Fringe shows. Check out their reviews online or ask around. Fringing is all about flying by the seat of your pants. Take a chance on a show that you normally wouldn’t see. Support the national and international performers. Embrace the random chaotic spirit of Fringe! One thing is for certain, all of the shows at this event are great! We hand-picked some fan favorites to bring back for the Winter Mini-Fest!

BRING YOUR FAMILY There are family friendly shows at the Winter Mini-Fest, Check the show listing for age recommendations and warnings.


CASH IS KING We accept all major credit cards online and at our Box Office. Cash is really good to put in the tip jar at the Beer Tent. We even have an ATM there so you can get cash to put in the tip jar!

JOIN CLUB FRINGE Become a Club Fringe member and get the perks and inside scoop!

Okay… so now you have all the tips you need to have the best Winter Mini-Fest experience ever and since you got some tips from us, maybe you could stop by the Beer Tent and return the favor!

(Still have an unanswered question? Check out the FAQ Page or e-mail us. We’ll be happy to help!)