What is The Orlando Fringe Winter Mini-Fest?

A 5-day arts festival that presents a hand-picked selection of award-winning or fan favorites from past Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival and new works hand-selected from other Fringe Festivals around the world. The 2018 Winter Mini-Fest takes place January 3-7th.

The Orlando Fringe is the longest running Fringe Festival in the United States, celebrating 27 years as “Orlando’s most unique cultural experience”.  Orlando Fringe is a proud member of the United States Association of Fringe Festivals (USAFF) www.fringefestivals.us, the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals (CAFF) www.fringefestivals.com and The World Fringe Congress http://www.worldfringe.com/congress.

What is The Fringe Mission?

The mission of the Orlando Fringe is to provide an accessible, affordable outlet that draws diverse elements of the community together and inspires creative excellence through the arts.

What is the history of the Fringe?

The history of Fringe Festivals began in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1947. There, a number of performing artists who were not official participants of the Edinburgh International Festival (whose participants are invited by its General Director) decided to produce their own work in empty stores and church basements. Thus, their work was staged literally “on the fringe” of the established festival. The concept was an immediate success and the Fringe soon became as – if not more – popular as the “official” Edinburgh Festival.  The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, as of 2012 is the largest festival in the world and Europe’s #1 tourist destination.

Following the example of the Edinburgh Fringe, other Fringe Festivals sprang up in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia in the following decades, many of which follow the true Fringe philosophy – to provide artists with the opportunity to show their work in an uncensored and unjuried environment and to give 100% of ticket sales back to them.

The Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival was created in 1991 by Terry Olson (now Director of the Orange County Division of Arts and Cultural Affairs), Andy Anthony and Rick Kunst. The first festival was held in 1992 in downtown Orlando, with most venues being created in empty storefronts specifically for the festival. This continued until 2004, when the festival was split between downtown Orlando and Loch Haven Park.  The move to Loch Haven proved a success and so, from 2005 on, the festival has been entirely in Loch Haven Park and the beautiful Ivanhoe Village neighborhood. In 2016 the Orlando Fringe celebrated it 25th anniversary and in 2017 the first annual Winter Mini-Fest was presented.

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